Smart Room Dividers That Break New BoundariesIf you have an open floor plan, you need to find a way to divide the space into multiple smaller sections; not just for the sake of utility, but also to introduce a sense of order and privacy. Room dividers have plenty of style and add functionality to your space regardless of the size. Smart room dividers introduce excellent color, texture, and dimension, plus they help in strategic layout and, in some cases, bring acoustic comfort as well. Below are a few smart room dividers that break new boundaries and will help you create your best space.

Felt room dividers

Lack of privacy affects the morale and productivity of many. Felt room dividers are temporary barriers that bring privacy to the space as well as assist in absorbing noise to create a balanced environment. A great way to bring wonderful texture to the setting, felt room partitions are temporary, cost-effective solutions that can cover your floor layout at a moment’s notice and can create multi-functional zones in a large space in no time. 

Plant wall or plant screen

Plant walls or plant screens offer a great way to section off a space and at the same time bring refreshing greenery to the setting. It can be a crafty loft or a shelving unit with plants on it to section off an area, or tall plants set in pots that reach up to block line of sight. Plant screens do not offer much in the way of acoustics, but they are interesting colorful pieces that cheer up your space. 


Large modular bookshelves make for excellent room divider partition. It is recommended that you use a backless design and use a wall of shelving to bisect the two areas you’re trying to divide. Once the unit is secured, you can then add your books, plants, climbers, vases, and other decorative items that complement your design style. 

Barn door

A popular design choice in country and farmhouse-style decorating schemes, sliding barn doors make for beautiful and functional room dividers. Rustic, effective, and on-demand, you can easily break up an open floor plan using barn-style doors in archways. Mounted on runners, sliding barn doors are extremely easy to use and can be drawn across as and when you need a little privacy. 

Farmhouse door room divider

One of the coolest ways to divide your space, farmhouse door room dividers take up little space and look absolutely stunning. Consisting of glass panes, these sliding dividers bring in great light and can slide along a wall or just along the tracks from side to side for an easier, effective operation. They’re incredibly versatile and aesthetically pleasing design elements.