Modern Partitions: How to Create Privacy with Wall Panels

In today’s modern, open office spaces designed to create a more collaborative and open work environment, there is a big need for partitions. A logical way to divide big spaces into smaller, private sections, wall panel partitions bring not just privacy but excellent acoustics to the space as well. Partition screens which divide your space in an instant and on-demand, these wall panel partitions create quieter, usable areas that get work done. And the best part is that you can keep your space versatile and flexible and at the same time bring great color, texture and style to the setting. From simple and effective to stylish and high-functioning, there are myriad partitioning options available that block the noise and introduce great visual appeal in any space.

Acoustic Wall Systems

Acoustic wall systems are some of the most durable, lightweight, and sophisticated partitioning systems that add great function and style to the space along with excellent acoustic performance. Wall systems come in various styles, shapes and patterns and can be put together to create continuous, acoustically absorptive architectural finish. Since these are various modules combined, acoustic wall systems are easy-to-install and are known to bring superior privacy as and when required to any space. 

Hanging Wall Panels

Although they are known as hanging wall panels, these partitioning screens can be ceiling or wall mount and bring a perfect balance of privacy and acoustics to the setting depending on the design and pattern. Hanging wall panels can be stationary or sliding and offer excellent color, texture, thickness, and style to the space. Available in a variety of patterns from circles to waves, triangles to planks, these wall panels evoke movement and energy and bring great privacy to the space. 

Folding Wall Panels

Folding screens are incredibly effective, easy, and inexpensive solutions that can be used to sanction off a space without any fuss. They are extremely flexible and can be put to use as and when required to bring privacy to a room. Folding screens come in various patterns and styles and work best in areas that require practical and modest privacy solutions. 

Interior Wall Partitions

Elements that can be integrated into a design, interior wall partitions are modern screening solutions and can be used in spaces that make use of traditional walls as well. The best part about these wall panels is that they can be installed in a way that they contrast and complement the doors and walls surrounding the partitions. They work brilliantly when it comes to integrating privacy in the setting and also work wonders from a design perspective.