Drop Ceiling Ideas To Dress Up Any RoomThe ceiling is typically the most ignored surface in any constructed space. A critical element in defining the character of a room, ceilings can light up a space, or make it feel cold and incomplete. Whether you’re looking to elevate the elegance of a space or you’re looking to create a more comfortable ambiance, there are ceiling treatments dedicated to exactly what you're looking for. Drop ceilings give you ultimate freedom in designing your ceiling plane, as it stands apart from the predefined height and geometry of the true ceiling. Secondary surfaces that hang one to four feet below the main ceiling, drop ceilings are used to hide wires, plumbing, and HVAC equipment and at the same time bring much improved aesthetics to the setting.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few drop ceiling ideas to complete any room.


1. Wood drop ceilings

If you’re looking to bring some warmth and a classy, refined atmosphere to your space, then we suggest wood drop ceilings. A great way to introduce a rustic farmhouse appeal to the setting, wood drop ceilings bring a timeless appeal to any room. From thin, short strips to grids to panels, there are plenty of wood styles and tones that will bring a beautiful traditional style to your space.

2. Black drop ceilings

A brilliant way to add drama and architectural interest to an uninteresting space, black drop ceilings give the impression of much larger open spaces. Pair these ceilings with black window and door trim and other elements to create a more unified and modern look.

3. White drop ceilings

If you’re looking to create a crisp, formal and brighter-looking room, then white drop ceilings are just what you need. Apart from reflecting the maximum amount of light in the room, white drop ceilings also contribute a clean, simple and unobtrusive presence. Available in a variety of styles and textures, white drop ceilings will allow other details in your space to take the focus, and help to make your space feel clean and complete.

4. Embossed drop ceilings

Texture makes a big difference on any surface, especially when you’re decorating with natural elements. Apart from introducing their own brand of minimalism and simplicity, embossed drop ceilings create a beautiful flow or visual rhythm in a room that leads the eye from one design element to another.

5. Metal drop ceilings

Whether you’re looking to introduce an industrial character to the room or just want to bring in something shiny, metal drop ceilings are ideal. From steel to gold, copper to silver look drop ceilings, there are plenty of metal drop ceilings available that will take the personality of your room to the next level.