How to Transform a Room With Simple Wall Panels?Wall paneling is a tricky subject in design. The moment you talk about paneling solutions, people imagine the cheap, ugly wood veneer wall fixtures of the 70s. Well, we’ve got news for you. Wall panels have evolved dramatically from their unsightly past to now become one of the most classy options available. A great avenue for infusing color, texture and character into any design scheme, you can completely transform a room with simple wall panels. There are multiple options available from glass to wood, MDF to vinyl, PVC to fabric that will take your room to the next level. Below are a few simple decorative wall panels that will give you some inspiration for your space.

Horizontal Wooden Slats

If you’re looking to add organic warmth and charm of wood to your space, then horizontal wooden slats are just what you need. Cover all the walls with these slats and watch the grooves between slats provide a minimal yet appealing texture to the setting. If you opt for a darker color, then combine it with warm lighting to create a relaxing ambiance. 

Panels as Headboard

One of the best ways to transform a room using simple wall panels is by making it functional as well. Instead of a traditional headboard, you can create an eye-catching headboard with the help of the right panel section. Go all the way to the ceiling and paint it in a dramatic color to create a stunning, immersive impression. Wood, MDF, and acoustic paneling work best in this case.

Geometric Panels

Looking for alternatives to wood panels and traditional mouldings? Go with geometric panels that will introduce a bold, high-energy vibe to the setting. Available in various materials, colors and geometric patterns, these decorative panels add a vibrant look and feel to the setting. 

Nautical Shiplap Wall Paneling

Simple yet charming, shiplap wall paneling offers a great way to add a refined and modern look to any space. Shiplap walls of course have the option of whitewashing the panels, maintaining the wood grain texture but unifying the color. This will create a beautifully simple and elegant look and will add familiar character.

In-panel Cutouts

If you’re bored of the usual paneling options, then you may want to investigate creatively solving your space with custom-cut wall panels. One such option is to make sleek cut-outs in wall panels that reveal lower substrates and take the design to the next level.

3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels can transform any room in no time. The surface of these panels creates a dramatic effect with dynamic shadows, and adds a depth of character to the setting. 3D wall panels come in various colors, textures, and materials and will give you a presence like no other.