5 On-Trend Ideas for Textured Wall PanelsTextured wall panels are highly recommended to bring life, character, and nuance to any interior space. They can turn an ordinary wall into a stunning and vibrant feature. These panels are a great way to add personality to your walls, usually seen in boutique hotels and fancy cocktail lounges, but are now gaining popularity in more common spaces. Textured wall panels evoke strong visual and tactile reactions with their beautiful range of designs and patterns. If you’re planning to introduce these decorative wall panels in your commercial space, follow these on-trend ideas that will take your space to the next level.

Choosing and Installing the Right Baffle for Your SpaceIf you think that utility and beauty don’t go hand in hand, think again. When it comes to acoustic baffles, they absolutely do. Baffles are some of the most effective and eye-catching acoustic solutions available and bring great acoustic performance and aesthetics to the space. Sound baffles offer spectacular visual improvements without taking up a footprint in your floor space. If you’re considering incorporating baffles in your commercial space, look below to help choose and install the right acoustic baffling.

Coffered Ceilings All You Need to KnowIn interior design, it’s the little details that make the biggest impression. Architectural elements like crown molding, wainscotting, or even arched doorways are all it takes to bring an interior design to the next level. If you’re looking to add visual drama to your commercial space, then direct your attention overhead. Dressing up your ceiling can change the feeling of the entire room, and coffered ceilings create a spectacular, attractive space.

Unique Ceiling Ideas to Update the Forgotten WallCeilings are often termed as the fifth wall or the forgotten wall. It’s an extremely crucial part of any interior design and should be given equal or even more attention than the walls. But, we often forget to spruce it up and keep it white and bland in most cases. The right ceiling treatment can really change a space from meh to mesmerizing and can lift everyone’s head. There are so many unique ceiling ideas for commercial spaces with exciting colors, texture and appeal that can bring charming style and utility to the setting. From bringing pleasing aesthetics to excellent functionality to the design scheme, below are a few unique ceiling ideas to update the forgotten wall in your business space.

Five Principles For Promoting Acoustic Comfort In The WorkplaceWhen it comes to designing interior spaces, people tend to focus on the functional and visual aspects of the design rather than acoustic comfort. Acoustic comfort in the workplace contributes to the well-being and productivity of employees but is rarely given due attention. Creating a comfortable environment for employees not only helps them concentrate but promotes optimal performance and increases the allure of commuting to your physical office space. High-quality planning combined with thoughtful application of architectural elements will go a long way in promoting acoustic comfort in the workplace. Below are five guiding principles to help create an acoustically comfortable environment.

Types of False Ceilings and Their ApplicationsA typical ceiling doesn’t attract much attention - they’re often so uninteresting that people don’t even take note of what’s going on overhead. Ceilings are easy to forget, until you experience one that stands out. False ceilings are the perfect solutions to give your space real character in an efficient system. They are critical elements in creating a mood in the space while also masking flaws, and creating dramatic impressions. They are installed below the original ceiling of the room and are used for temperature control, light installation, concealing MEP fixtures, and of course, acoustics.

Why Are The Acoustics Of A Building ImportantEach building has its own voice that depends on its structure and acoustic design. The sound of a building has a significant impact on the way you experience it. Some make you want to tear your hair out while others convey a sense of calmness. The acoustic properties of a building can be a major factor in how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel within it. The acoustics of a building are important design considerations that have major effects on people using it. It affects health, stress, well-being, communication, and productivity of people. It is especially important for buildings like shopping malls, concert halls, recording studios, classrooms, office spaces, and theatres to focus on the acoustics as a top priority so they can provide the best experience possible.

Acoustical Baffles

No matter what business you’re in, every commercial space benefits from acoustical solutions that help to create a perfect environment. Bare, flat, and open-deck ceilings are just like walls in the way they reflect sound, contributing echoes and creating an irritating auditory experience. This is a big problem in modern commercial spaces and open office designs with wide-open shared spaces that create acoustic nightmares. These spaces require ceiling-mounted or suspended solutions that can control noise overhead, and acoustic clouds and baffles are the ideal solutions to deliver the best acoustical absorption.

How To Reduce An Echo In My Room

Acoustic comfort is essential for ensuring wellness at home and in the workplace. Echo is one of the major problems in large public spaces with bare wall surfaces and hard floors. High ceilings, long rooms, and sound-reflecting surfaces such as stone, tile, and glass are some of the contributors that cause unwanted echo. These echoes are not only irritating and make conversation difficult to understand, but can also affect your physical and mental well-being. A little planning and effective use of the following solutions will go a long way in diminishing echoes in your space and creating a more sonically pleasing environment.

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How To Make Your Co Working Space Special With Smart DecorIf you have a co-working space, it means that you want to work at a place which gives you a disciplined feel not exactly office-like plus it is comfortable and more productive. The best thing is that there is no boss around to poke his head in your work every now and then.

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Office Design Trends Ideas For 2019The Office. It evokes images of bland cabins, occupied by harried employees in a building that is by all means equally as non-descript. Yet an office is the place where most adults spend the majority of their time. And in our own ways, we try to make this unexciting workspace our own. From our favorite bobbleheads to family portraits we do everything possible to make our tiny office kingdom our own. Yet what about the office as a whole?

What Are Some Cool House Interior Designs For 2019If you are here, then we are sure that you are looking forward to giving your house a cool new look. Whether it is completely designing the décor, renovation or just a few changes, you want the house to speak for itself. The way your home is designed and decorated speaks a lot about you as well.

These 9 Tips Are Essential For Designing Stylish Mall InteriorsDesigning the interior of your mall, it is vital that you focus both on the functionality as well as the aesthetic value of the design.

8 Foolproof Decor Tips For Designing Cheerful Hospital InteriorsInterior decoration plays a vital and significant role in bringing beauty and harmony to our lives. It affects our moods, elevates our emotions and channelizes our perception of the surroundings in a subtle way. While this is true, most people are not aware of the fact that the color of a wall can actually make us feel relaxed or anxious.