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Sound Baffle | Irving 010ID# BFL-SGL-010


Sound Baffle | Irving 010ID# BFL-SGL-010

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Sound Baffle | Irving 010 - #BFL-SGL-010
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Sound Baffle | Irving 010 - #BFL-SGL-010
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Sound Baffle | Irving 010 radically transform the look and feel of your space with sleek aesthetics and powerful noise reduction. When suspended from the ceiling in series, Sound Baffle | Irving 010 create a compelling sense of rhythm while offering powerful sound abosorption benefits, cutting echoes and irritating noise. CSI Creative specializes in product customization, which means Sound Baffle | Irving 010 will help your ceilings fit the look, tone, and feel of your existing space without compromising on quality or colorway selection. Connect with a representative today and get premier noise reduction solutions for your ceilings, and experience the comfort of quiet with sound absorbing baffles.

  • Fire Safe. ASTM E84: Class A tested and compliant
  • VOC Free. 100% VOC Free (CDPH Standard Method v1.2)
  • High NRC. Powerful acoustic performance (see product guide)
  • Custom. Customize dimensions, colors, and branding
  • Adaptable. Attachment system options solve most installations
  • Easy Install. Custom-fit installation with fewer on-site adjustments
  • Quick Turnaround. 1-2 week lead time for most colors options
  • Seamless. Hang any number of baffle modules for a continuous feature

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