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3D Ceiling Panel | Mazaska 003ID# GRD-FPG-002


3D Ceiling Panel | Mazaska 003ID# GRD-FPG-002

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3D Ceiling Panel | Mazaska 003 - #GRD-FPG-002
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3D Ceiling Panel | Mazaska 003 - #GRD-FPG-002
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3D Ceiling Panel | Mazaska 003 are best suited to any room that could use powerful noise reduction with curated taste and modern sense of style. An ideal solution for replacing old ACT systems in conference rooms, corporate offices, schools and public utilities alike - 3D Ceiling Panel | Mazaska 003 save floor space while dramatically improving your auditory experience. 3D Ceiling Panel | Mazaska 003 have the customization potential to match the character of your space with our library of colorways and configuration options, creating a unified visual identity for your space that shapes the user's experience. Our offer extends far beyond our competition, as we deliver custom-fit ceiling grids tailored to your space. Install faster, cleaner, and with fewer surprises along the way when you work with CSI Creative.

  • Fire Safe. ASTM E84: Class A tested and compliant
  • VOC Free. 100% VOC Free (CDPH Standard Method v1.2)
  • High NRC. Powerful acoustic performance (see product guide)
  • Custom. Customize dimensions, colors, and branding
  • Adaptable. Attachment system options solve most installations
  • Easy Install. Custom-fit installation with fewer on-site adjustments
  • Quick Turnaround. 1-2 week lead time for most colors options
  • Easy Renovation Reshape your ACT ceilings without construction

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