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Grid Ceiling Tile | Elora 004ID# GRD-FPG-003


Grid Ceiling Tile | Elora 004ID# GRD-FPG-003

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Grid Ceiling Tile | Elora 004 - #GRD-FPG-003
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Grid Ceiling Tile | Elora 004 - #GRD-FPG-003
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Radically redefine your ceilings and transform the feeling of a space with Grid Ceiling Tile | Elora 004 featuring clean, modern aesthetics and impactful sound absorption. When replacing an entire existing ACT grid, Grid Ceiling Tile | Elora 004 convey a feeling of rhythm that brings new depth to your design while contributing powerful noise reduction, creating a more welcoming space. With hundreds of colorways and configurations, Grid Ceiling Tile | Elora 004 can easily change to fit your company aesthetic and empower your brand with visual consistency. Contact one of our representatives today for better noise control solutions, and experience the comfort of quiet with a sound absorbing ceiling grid.

  • Fire Safe. ASTM E84: Class A tested and compliant
  • VOC Free. 100% VOC Free (CDPH Standard Method v1.2)
  • High NRC. Powerful acoustic performance (see product guide)
  • Custom. Customize dimensions, colors, and branding
  • Adaptable. Attachment system options solve most installations
  • Easy Install. Custom-fit installation with fewer on-site adjustments
  • Quick Turnaround. 1-2 week lead time for most colors options
  • Easy Renovation Reshape your ACT ceilings without construction

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